My particular approach towards wellness begins with one’s experience of the present. 


Understandably, many of us would like to dive into troubling issues with a Therapist while some of us have trepidations to do so. Cultivating a healthy connection to self is a preliminary step for doing deeper levels of work. 

Accessing a sense of stillness in the mind is an important prerequisite, as it encourages non-reactivity and allows one to see things for how they are as opposed to how they feel. This helps to promote a healthy unpacking of one’s personal experience, and ensures that one can effectively engage with their day to day life while exploring challenging aspects of themselves. 


It is important to understand how our emotional reactions create our overall experience, as these feelings can greatly distort the picture. In many cases, the troubling parts of our personal history contain important pieces of our “emotional architecture”, that is, the subtle and overt coding which dictates how we react to and engage with our personal experience. 


Achieving understanding on these levels is vital to maintaining lasting change, and this is what I hope to help you with as your Therapist.

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