About Gerard

I am often asked what drew me towards being a Therapist. In truth, I feel that this role is an extension of my personality and bears no separateness from who I am. Though I operate in a professional context, I tend to bring a strong level of personability to the therapeutic dynamic.


I spent most of my life in a small town in Delaware until coming to California in 2009. The pursuit of graduate studies coupled with a great need for change motivated my relocation. At one point I sojourned in Puerto Rico, following the sincere desire to reconnect with my ancestry. I have resided in Oakland since 2015. 


My own healing journey is ongoing, and have I distilled much insight from the various challenges that life has thrown me. I am no stranger to suffering, and for some time this was all that I could see.

In truth, I found my wholeness again through self forgiveness and the cultivation of greater compassion and patience for myself.

As such, my techniques as a Therapist are largely based on experience as opposed to theory.