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I am Gerard Artesona (he/him) and I specialize in helping those within diverse communities work through challenges related to our racial and ethnic identities. I have helped those with difficulties such as depression, trauma, anxiety, life transitions, existential concerns, and issues related to family of origin. These are amongst my core competencies; as are addressing inquiries related to faith and spirituality. 

Forgiveness, compassion, and patience for yourself and your unique growth process are key to embracing your inherent strengths and becoming a more empowered person.These are valuable tools that I wish to help you cultivate.


I have worked in mental health for over 15 years and my therapeutic approach bridges western psychology and entheogenic ritual & practice in order to support my clients on their healing journey. Through our work I aim to widen the vista through which you perceive yourself and the world by helping you to identify and challenge limiting beliefs and patterns of thought.


Outside of my private practice I have worked with adults, children, teens, and families in different settings for several years supporting them through a wide range of problems. I have also spent time considerable time working in an inpatient hospital setting and have additionally conducted integration groups supporting those undergoing ketamine assisted psychotherapy. 


I have also taught yoga and mindfulness to inmates and have worked in group homes and in community mental health, where I focused on serving San Francisco’s Central American migrant population.

I embraced the healing potential of plant medicines, principally ayahuasca (or yagé ) over 12 years ago. The perspectives surrounding these traditions have inspired and deepened my professional approach and overall understanding of wellbeing.


I am no stranger to life’s challenges, and my approach to helping you through them is in large part an experiential one as opposed to a strictly theoretical one. 


Every person has their own unique experiences and story, and I hope to hear yours soon!




2012 Masters in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (currently known as Sofia University)


2009 Bachelors Degree of Psychology from Delaware State University


2007 Associates Degree in Human Services from Delaware Technical and Community College 


​2021 Certification of Training in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy from the Ketamine Training Center

2018 Diversity Fellowship recipient for the California Institute of Integral Studies Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research Program


2017 I was afforded the opportunity to train at Piedmont Yoga qualifying me as a RYT 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher. This program was unique, as it focused on the intersection between self-care & social justice


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